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  1. Yes; company is from 20 years with good industry reputation. Almost 20-30 GCs are processed fine, but only my GC got stuck... my bad luck 😞
  2. Hi, My employer filed my GC under EB1 in May 2016; in June 2016 there was a RFE which was responded late in Aug 2016, so the case was reopened in Sep 2016. On Sep 25th 2017 (exactly 1 year after) case status shows as “Name was updated”; from that there is NO update on case status. I approached my employer/Attorney; they said, they also have no update, and don’t want to contact USCIS saying the case may be rejected upon request. So, here are my questions Any idea what might have happened with my case? Will there be any risk if my attorney request for case update to USCIS? Can I approach you guys to find more details in my case? As I don’t want to my attorney / employer know about enquiry. Can you suggest my next steps if I want to change employer at this point? At this point can I change employer under AC21? If yes, what all I need to do that? Do I need any information from my employer/ attorney? Thank you Sridhar L