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  1. Hi, Recently I have renewed my passport and want to extend my I-94 date to match with I-797(valid till June 2020). Current I-94 is still valid till August 2019. Currently I work for employer B and I have H1B visa stamp from employer A in my old passport and that stamp is already expired. I am planning to go to San Diego-Mexico border to extend my I-94 however I have some concerns: 1. Mostly everyone have to cross the border in order to extend the I94. Do i need to have Mexico visa since my current VISA foil in passport is expired? I have valid I797 and I94 though!! 2. Will US immigration allow me to enter with expired VISA stamp? I have read about Auto-revalidation rule which says that person who has visited Mexico/Canada for less than 30 days, can enter US with expired visa stamp and with valid I797 and I94. 3. By referring point#2, do i have to go for stamping in that case? Thank you very much in advance for any helpful response.