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  1. policy_wonk

    N400 aplication - work details

    Company A - Dates From 2015 To 2020 - address 1 (Current Address)
  2. policy_wonk

    PD current - now what?

    GC processing will be on hold for 2 months by the executive order of the president.
  3. policy_wonk

    Lost Naturalization Certificate

    You are overthinking it, get a replacement - I don't think it is required but I would do it.
  4. policy_wonk

    Can US citizen hold/buy rental property in India

    Yes, a US citizen can buy commercial rental property in India.
  5. policy_wonk

    OCI and original US passport for verification ?

    why are you asking in this forum? this is for US Citizenship Eligibility.
  6. policy_wonk

    Green card to Citizen

    No, it won't.
  7. policy_wonk

    Citations (Traffic)

    Yeah this question trips everyone - I wish instead they would just ask to list all the driver's licenses ever held and look it up themselves.
  8. policy_wonk

    Citizenship - to apply or not to apply?

    Renunciation is very easy, just a bunch of paperwork which feels tedious. Duration: few weeks. In my opinion, seems like a good decision.
  9. the most recent one that is currently in his possession and is active.
  10. policy_wonk

    Tax filing before Citizenship interview

    Not an issue, later is fine.
  11. policy_wonk

    Urgent: Employer change multiple transfers

    No issues, you can go to C.
  12. In general companies only check for criminal history - they don't care about your credit history. Like already stated USCIS never cares about this.
  13. policy_wonk

    N-400 Interview marital status question

    If they did not ask for it in the interview appointment letter - then you don't have to. They clearly specify what documents are needed.
  14. policy_wonk

    Citizenship Interview - Decision Not Yet Made Status

    "He stated, how am I to verify if you didnt travel outside the country for more than 6 months to a year." With all these fancy systems in place, it's funny he thought he had to see the passport book to know this. I am sure your every entry and exit if recorded on a passport, is also recorded in a networked system - you would think an immigration officer handling a citizenship interview would be able to access if needed!
  15. policy_wonk

    Job changes

    They don't care at all about how often you switch jobs!