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  1. the most recent one that is currently in his possession and is active.
  2. policy_wonk

    Tax filing before Citizenship interview

    Not an issue, later is fine.
  3. policy_wonk

    Urgent: Employer change multiple transfers

    No issues, you can go to C.
  4. In general companies only check for criminal history - they don't care about your credit history. Like already stated USCIS never cares about this.
  5. policy_wonk

    N-400 Interview marital status question

    If they did not ask for it in the interview appointment letter - then you don't have to. They clearly specify what documents are needed.
  6. policy_wonk

    Citizenship Interview - Decision Not Yet Made Status

    "He stated, how am I to verify if you didnt travel outside the country for more than 6 months to a year." With all these fancy systems in place, it's funny he thought he had to see the passport book to know this. I am sure your every entry and exit if recorded on a passport, is also recorded in a networked system - you would think an immigration officer handling a citizenship interview would be able to access if needed!
  7. policy_wonk

    Job changes

    They don't care at all about how often you switch jobs!
  8. policy_wonk

    Company Layoff

    I agree, get it checked before you sign anything or sign and move on - it'll be hard to challenge after signing.
  9. Looks like it's getting a new lease of life thanks to Betsy DeVos!
  10. Wrong forum, there is a criminal issues forum under special topics - post there, you'll get advice.
  11. policy_wonk

    Admission to Ph.D while working on H1B

    No it's nearly impossible to do a PhD while working, it is not like a masters where it's a set of courses - it's research in a niche area with lot of uncertainty and time dedicated. Universities won't even entertain this. Try reaching out to admissions or read extensively on their graduate admission pages on part time PhD options. There is no entrance exam - I'm not sure what field you are applying, what universities you are interested in - check their websites for requirements. It's usually GRE/TOEFL/Subject GRE.
  12. policy_wonk


    "Will it create any problem ?" - No, quit worrying unnecessarily.
  13. policy_wonk

    H1B Amendment denied

    Denied on what basis?
  14. policy_wonk

    H1B RFE processing while working with GC EAD status

    Just to give you more comfort, I have been there done that!
  15. policy_wonk

    H1B RFE processing while working with GC EAD status

    There is no impact if H1 is withdrawn, you have a valid EAD status. You don't need H1 going forward, work on EAD till you get your GC.