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    URGENT! Change of employers before 180 days of Filing for AOS

    Thank you for your response. I have the I-485 supplement J from Employer A. Would that solve the problem?
  2. Hi I received the I-140 approval from Employer A on 22Feb2018. I changed my employer on 27Aug2018 to employer B. But my Adjustment of Status was only filed on 28Aug2018. My H1B transfer was approved in Sep2018. But my H1B hasn't been revoked by my previous employer. I have my I-485 approved. I have received an update from USCIS for the AOS interview. Would there be an issue since I changed my employer before 180 days of filing I-485? If so, is there any way around it? Since my H1B has not been revoked by Employer A, would that save me in any way?