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  1. My current H1 is valid till Feb 8,2020 and I had applied for H4 and H4 EAD and received receipt number in May end and had quit my company on May 28,2019. In the meantime found a new employer who has filed my H1 transfer in premium yesterday ( Jun 13,2019) and received my receipt notice. Is it mandatory that I withdraw my H4 and H4 COS since my H1 transfer is now in progress ? I was hoping not to withdraw as I thought in case of H1 transfer being denied I would still have the H4 and H4EAD receipt numbers handy thus avoiding me going out of status. Any clarity you could offer who be much appreciated. Thanks, Sharon
  2. Sharon123

    H1 to H4 COS rejected but H4EAD check encashed

    Thanks a lot xTDx for your response
  3. All, I had applied for H4 and H4EAD COS from H1 on April . I did receive an update when called USCIS that my I539 (H4 COS) is rejected because of missing biometric fee but my H4EAD check has been encashed. I am yet to get the rejection notice for H4 COS. Will H4 COS rejection impact H4EAD as well to be rejected ? Also in case of missing fee should I need to redo the whole process again or will sending over the check with correct amount fix the issue ? Any help offered would be great. Thanks, Serena
  4. Sharon123

    H4 EAD Receipt

    Hi bbcr, Have you received your receipt number ? It is being more than 3 weeks since I filed my COS but havent received receipt yet
  5. Sharon123

    H4 EAD Receipt

    Hi BBR, Have you received your receipt number ? It is being more than 3 weeks since I filed my COS but havent received receipt yet
  6. Kumar, Do you have an update on your receipt ? Even I applied for my COS to h4 on April 23 with USCIS and havent received my receipt number yet.
  7. Sharon123

    H1B - H4 COS clarification on status

    I had my H1 to H4 COS applications received by USCIS on Apr 23,2019 and it two weeks since then but I havent received an update on the receipt number. Some forums say that it takes 1-3 weeks to get the receipt number. Is that the case even with H1 to H4 COS as well ? It would be much helpful if someone could provide a timely response on this .
  8. Sharon123

    H1B - H4 COS clarification on status

    Thanks again Shekar for your help.
  9. I am currently in H1B and planning to change to H4 EAD. With regards to this say I file my H4 and H4 ead today and resign my firm this month end after receiving the receipt notice , my H1B would be revoked after 60 days period and had I not received an approval on my H4 would I be out of status ? Also is there a 240 day period applicable when doing the COS from H1 to H4 as well ? I appreciate any clarity on this doubt and thanks in advance
  10. Sharon123

    H1B - H4 COS

    Thank you so much Shekar for sparing your time and clarifying my doubt. It has been indeed a great help
  11. Sharon123

    H1B - H4 COS

    I am in H1B with its validity upto Feb 4,2020 and am planning to apply for H4 COS with my spouse H1B valid till March,2020. When filing I-539 I see the below clause Change of Status. Part 2., Item Number 3.b. of the application, select the date you want your change of status to occur on. If approved, your change of status will occur on the date your current nonimmigrant status ends, the date of approval, or the requested date, whichever occurs later In this case I would like to know if my H4COS is approved would my H4 be valid from the date of approval or would it be valid only after Feb 8,2020 (validity of my current H1 petition). It would be much helpful if you could clarify this doubt of mine and my thanks in advance