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  1. Hello, I am in a bit if tricky state where I have multiple offers from Company A and B. I joined company A for a week now but planned initially to join B. So they did the on-boarding for me that means I can login to their portal but I never started with the company, not possessing the hardware or anything. I told them that I am planning to go back to my home country for some reasons so couldn't join. Basically I didnt tell her I got better offer. Recruiter is nice she gave me a grace period of 2 months if I ever change my mind. I am going to let them know that I am no longer wants to join but taking some time due to other reasons. Do you see this as a problem? Am I considered to be an employee of 2 different companies? Note that I have payslip from one employee not both. Is there a legal issue here?
  2. Hello, I needed an advice on how to handle a unique(may be not) situation. I got laid off in Feb 2019 and last day was 28 Feb 2019. Fortunately I received a job and Employer-A started VISA processing in couple of weeks. Later upgraded the application to premium and got the H1B approval yesterday. I have to join on April 22nd 2019. During this time I got a better offer which I accepted and now I need to do VISA transfer to Employer-B. 1.How do I proceed in this situation as the Employer-B doesn't know about my state of job and H1B? 2. Do I need to mention about my new H1B transferred to Employer-A? 3. Shall I join Employer-A and once H1B is approved join Employer-B? 4. Employer that laid me off will be notifying the USCIS about terminating the petition after 60 days, so was wondering how should I best handle this scenario. Any inputs would help.