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    H1B Visa Approved but online status shows "Application Received"

    @shekar11# My status updated to Admin processing on 5th April, not sure what's happening in the background. I get a generic response from the support that it's under processing. Not sure how much longer do I need to wait. @gopalakrishnach I am new to the forum, so din't know about the rules, I will post my interview experience once it's "successful".
  2. I had my H-1B interview on 26th of March at Delhi consulate. The visa officer verbally approved my visa and no sheets were given to me. However when I check the DS-160 status online @ https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx, it shows up as "Application Received" and the date of the update is 25th March, the day of my OFC appointment. The status hasn't changed since, it has been 4 business days. Is there something to worry about? Usually when I went for stamping, the status changed to admin processing for a day and then Issued (I had F-1 previously). This is the first time I am seeing this status. I would really appreciate any input on this matter.