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  1. Kanth04

    H1B renewal after DUI - Admin Processing

    Hi @Longwait_ak Thanks for posting your detailed experience. I have attended my interview n Hyderabad. Do you know the email addresses where I can send an email for an update, like you mentioned above for chennai consulate? It's been over two weeks that consulate received my medical reports but I haven't heard anything from them asking me to drop passport or I don't see an update on CEAC site as well.
  2. Kanth04

    H1B renewal after DUI - Admin Processing

    Hi Everyone, I got a DUI in June'16 and came to H1B stamping to Hyderabad, India. Below is my process updates. March 11, 2019 - OFC March 12, 2019 - Interview VO: I see that your visa has been revoked. Me: Yes mam, I got a DUI in June'16 and I completed all the necessary things (Fine, DUI classes, community service). VO: Ok. I need you to treat you differently and handed me a 221 G (yellow slip) which had Panel physician details and information. Me: Thank you. March 14, 2019 - Visited panel physician and finished the process. March 18, 2019 - Received a call from hospital to update me that they have sent my reports to consulate through an email. It's been over two weeks I haven't received an update from consulate to drop my passport and on CEAC site the status shows as administrative processing. Is there anyone who had in the same situation in the past or now who attended interview in Hyderabad, India and gone through the same process as me. Thanks in advance. Your reply would be really helpful.