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  1. KrantiDhondi

    RFE on OPT Application (Regular)

    Hi SaiKiran Hi SaiKiran, Can you please let me know if your case is approved? I also got the same RFE, replied to RFE 30days back but still no update. Thanks,
  2. Hi Satya, Any update on your case?
  3. I am also in same situation, please keep this posted updated if you get any update
  4. Any update on your case?
  5. Hi All, Below is my case H1B picked on 2018 lottery RFE received Sep 2018 RFE replied Dec 2018 H1B denied because of Specialty Occupation in Feb 2019 MTR raised March 2019 Current status of Receipt Number: Case Was Transferred And A New Office Has Jurisdiction Please keep me updated on your case