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    Visitor Visa - received yellow 221

    I am an industrial engineer, and yes im from Saudi, so it has nothing to do with my mother applying for my immigration? how long do you think it will take for my application to be processed ? one more thing i have forgot to mention, back in 2009, 2011, 2012 my visa request has been denied three times due to no strong ties for me to go back home, but then approved in 2013 when i was a student in Canada
  2. Hi, I have applied today to a visitor visa for me, my wife, and my new born son. they both have received approval, but for me i have received the yellow 221 form, the CO has mentioned that an email will be sent to me with a form to be filled. At the time of the interview my US visa was still valid, and me and my wife had previously been to US more than 50 times as we used to live in Canada for school in the last 5 years. CO: why are you traveling to the state? Me: tourism CO: what is your job Me: Strategic Programs Manager CO: what do you do? Me: i manage transformational programs, one is digital transformation and the other is commercial transformation CO: Take about your immigration process that has been filed by your mom Me: it was 9 years ago CO: how did your mother had her US citizen? Me: by marrying a US citizen CO: why did she applied for your immigration to US? Me: because she and my dad were separated and things were not ok with my dad, and she wanted me with her CO: what happened next? Me: i had a scholarship to Canada and i pursued my education there CO: where is your mother today? Me: she came back to Saudi, and now she work as a professor in a university CO: are you planning to become an American citizen? Me: no CO hands me in the yellow 221 form, and mentioned that i will receive an email with needed information to filled, and for my wife and son they are approved, No questions has been directed to my wife or her statues 1- Can any one help me in understanding why the CO asked for more information? 2- and based on your experience what is the likelihood of me being approved? , as i do have a plan to visit US in two months Thank you