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  1. Hi, My H1-B was approved last year for 3 years which is valid till 2021 September. I was working as a contractor. I came to India on the purpose of my wedding. Went to visa stamping on Feb 22nd 2019 Kolkata Consulate . I was issued 221(g) by marking the required documents like client letter, itinerary of services, pay stubs, W2’s, bank statements, tax returns on the 221(g) white slip. VO asked me to submit above marked documents if I have after she handed over the 221(g). I have submitted all the documents then and there itself except client letter and itinerary of services as I don’t have them right away. I was never issued client letter as my end client doesn’t have policy to issue client letter to contractors. I told the same thing to VO and told I have email confirmation. She asked me to submit the copy of email. I handed over the copy of email which says that my end client doesn’t have policy to issue client letter to contractors and also the email says that I work as a contractor to the end client for 40hr per week as a software developer. Later, the next day I came to know that my contract was ended. I should suppose to submit the itinerary of services but my employer asked me not to submit it as I don’t have project in hand. My husband is working on STEM OPT which is valid till Feb 15th 2020. He is filing for H1-B this year. If his petition gets picked in lottery, he will be in cap-gap( status: Change of status pending). Can I go for F2 visa when he has change of status pending? If yes, what is the procedure? Please suggest me what I can do in this situation in order to re-enter the United States. Is there a way to convert from H1-B to F2 and F2 to H1-B(existing approved) back again. Please advice.