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  1. not yet. I am still waiting.
  2. Applied motion to reconsider in dec 2018 for denied h1b. No reply till now from uscis. Anyone got the mtr approved this month?
  3. satyapavan

    My H1B Case Was Reopened For Reconsideration

    I have my mtr sent on dec 14th 2018. There is no update till now. Its been like 110 days. Any suggestions?
  4. satyapavan

    No reply from uscis on mtr for denied h1b

    My colleagues got approvals and rejections for mtr in less than 3 months. I am wondering because, all our i290b applications were sent on the same day.
  5. satyapavan

    No reply from uscis on mtr for denied h1b

    Yeah! I know that I am not supposed to deal with it. But I can suggest somethings to my employer. I am on f1 now and my ead is expiring in july. My employer is filing another h1 this year(though my mtr is pending).
  6. satyapavan

    No reply from uscis on mtr for denied h1b

    I have seen in the uscis website that a service request can be raised after 90 days. Did that work for any of you?
  7. Hey sindhu, Did you get any reply from uscis regarding your mtr?
  8. My employer has applied h1b in the year 2018 on april 1st. I got an rfe on june 1st 2018(speciality occupation). replied to rfe on aug 27th 2018 denial of h1b on 20th nov 2018 request for mtr on 14th dec 2018. I dont have any reply from uscis till now. What can I do? Can I raise a service request?