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  1. CO: Who is there in USA ? Parent(Mom): My son in xx location CO: How much does he earn per month ? Parent(Dad): xx USD CO: what is your income ? Parent(Dad) : Business, I manage a shop and my wife is the owner. My income is 3.5L CO: How many ppl work under you ? Parent(Dad) : 3 ppl CO: Have you visited any other country ? Parent(Dad) : No CO : Thank you sir. Your visa is not approved and gave 214 B Staff: Please talk to customer support staff Parents: Left the place with disappointment. P.S -> submitted DS160 for Mom with Work as homemaker and Dad as Business Confusion -> All the business funds flow through mom's account and filed under her IT returns. Dad acts as a manager who is paid for his work. since CO asked for income of my dad he said 3.5L and not whole family income (Mom+Dad) or the business income. how to overcome this problem in the upcoming visa interview. Even though they took all the docs they didn't show as it was not asked. Did a mistake of applying for visa with me(son) as the sponser. Thanks in advance. would much appreciate the help