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  1. SK0291

    H1B Denial Appeal & new H1B Filing

    Yes it is the same employer. If i do get selected for lottery then we would withdraw the appeal. By april end or may first two weeks we would know right even before anything happens with the appeal ?
  2. SK0291

    H1B Denial Appeal & new H1B Filing

    We have filed for the Fy2020 application have two more days to decide weather to appeal or not. My employer has left the decision to me as my OPT ends feb 2020. The thought behind filing an appeal is if by april end or may i dont get picked in the lottery I have something going for me
  3. SK0291

    No reply from uscis on mtr for denied h1b

    So can we file another petition while appealing a denial? once the mtr is opened and your new petition gets picked will it create complications ?
  4. SK0291

    H1B Denial Appeal & new H1B Filing

    If the appeal gets selected or approved for review what happens to the 2020 application then ? I obviously cant have two h1b processes going on right ?
  5. Is it possible for me to file an appeal for my last years FY2019 H1B case that was denied and have a petition in the lottery for FY2020. We have sent the docs in the lottery but have to make a decision weather to appeal or not.
  6. SK0291

    H1 SOC for SAP Functional Consultant

    Do you know what SOC you used?