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  1. Hi, mine showed issued on 29th March. i collected my passport today. hope yours will change to issued very soon.
  2. Nothing, even vendor hasn’t got any email/call
  3. Hi have you got any updates yet ?
  4. My vendor still didn’t get the call any updates ?
  5. My client got an email today and they replied to it, I was little worried if he would get it while he on the vacation. vendor still didn’t get any call/email
  6. Thanks, yes I already informed them about it. My client manager said he will be on vacation from this Thursday until next weekend and will be out of reach for couple of days, I am little worried about that as well. I hope they call HR department and get this update and leave voice mails if they try to contact him while on vacation. He said he would keep an eye on it. Did your client and vendor received call by both DOS and USCIS ? Thanks.
  7. hi, It still shows the same date, no change. Not sure how long this is going to take.
  8. Hi , Mine is exactly same as yours, my interview was on the same day as well. The interviewer took all the job documents and retained passport as well. I got a call from the consulate on 14th March, I was asked few questions about the client and to submit vendor letter to the same email id that you mentioned. All are clear/ perfect on my side. I have been working for the same client for the past 4 years, which is a very big US company. Question : When did the client get the call after you submitted the document? I did not receive any email from them saying they received my document, did you get the email on the same day ? Thanks.