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  1. gareebbhartiye

    Lay off from H1b job

    Thanks for responses. So, I got an offer from a big consulting firm and I have accepted it. they are processing my LCA/H1B. They also have a client project. So, I will be getting paid from day 1. I also got offer from a desi company, they also want to do my H1B, of course they do not have a project currently. The big consulting firm has. Can I do H1B with both? I am concerned if the desi H1B gets denied or something comes up there in form of RFE, USCIS may flag me for extra scrutiny which can impact the H1B with consulting firm. what do you say? Things will become clear in next 7 days or so, since by then I will hopefully have Receipt number from the consulting firm. I told desi company to hold off for now. Since, I do not want some sort of RFE with them which may impact my other H1B. Please advice.
  2. gareebbhartiye

    H1-B Cap-exempt Lost Job

    Sorry to hear that.. me too.. its cruel man.. we should have gone to Canada or Australia on work permit, we would have got PR in a couple of years, before anyone can lay us off.. or better start our own business or whatever...
  3. gareebbhartiye

    H1 Extension denied and post travel

    why was it denied? were you with direct client or Vendor-client or vendor-vendor-client? Thanks
  4. gareebbhartiye

    Lay off from H1b job

    So the nightmare became a reality for me last week. I am in US on h1b since 2012.. As with everyone else, even though I have i140 approved, I ended up losing the job before I could get GC.. So, I may get a job offer in a few weeks if I am lucky, as I am in talks with a company and they seem to have liked my profile so far. To lay the foundation of my question: I was with big Indian IT company when I came here. I jumped & joined a desi company. Then I jumped to the end client (thinking it can't get better than this).but after working with them for 6 years, I was let go. My question is: if I get offer from a consulting firm(not talking about desi companies but like TCS cognizant), should I join them? or should I join desi consultancy and do corp to corp with the TCS etc.. So it will be Client-Vendor-Vendor.. I can understand for those who have not gone through being let go from job while on Visa status, this may be a no brainer question.. Because I talked to a couple of people but they were never let go, so they suggested to go for end client, their logic: they will not let you go easily (False, it happened to me), Their Visa approval is more easy.(There is some truth to it). I don't know what to say.. their is danger every where, unless you are not permanent. We don't really have any choice, but to act per our experience. but being with a desi consultant gives you a sense of security, if I lose the project, I can search for a new project, without the headache of worrying about my Visa status. I was lucky, I got notice period, I could have been let go same day as well who knows.. What do you think? opinions and logic.. I have heard and seen all sort of stories, from being let go, to DUIs where cops catch you and deport you..even with end clients, things can go wrong in many ways..It is just a nightmare in US Visa system especially if you are from India... Note: even desi consultancies get their H1bs approved.. I was in a Vendor- Vendor-Client position earlier and the Visa was approved. I got carried away by all the online forums and did a jump and here I am. What do you think? Is there someone who has been fired or let go from their H1b job previously?
  5. gareebbhartiye

    Mumbai Visa Stamping office

    I thought about Canada, but ruled it out. After they said I may need to wait for months if it goes into Admin processing. I do not have medical insurance good enough to cover me in Canada if I need it in couple of months. I can stay there for couple of weeks on travelers insurance. But months will only increase my troubles. I am thinking I would probably email Consulate team with letter from my doctor and ask them if they would allow me in early. I emailed earlier this month to Vancouver Consulate and they said that if I bring Doctor's letter they will do everything to expedite my processing. I believe that Mumbai office should be able to help me as well in a similar way. Perhaps they will let me in early instead of waiting.
  6. gareebbhartiye

    Mumbai Visa Stamping office

    Hi folks, So this is a bit weird question. I have a condition which can cause me discomfort in temperatures above 70 F if I stay for long period. I am currently in states on h1b. I am planning to go to Mumbai in a month for Visa stamping. Is there anyonoe who recently gave interview there, in last 1 week? If so, can you please let me know if the building is fully air conditioned, including the waiting line. I remember giving the interview in Delhi in 2011, we had to stand outside in heat waiting to be allowed inside. I was okay at that time. But not now. how many campuses does US consulate have in mumbai? Thanks in advance for your time and input.