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  1. gareebbhartiye

    Mumbai Visa Stamping office

    I thought about Canada, but ruled it out. After they said I may need to wait for months if it goes into Admin processing. I do not have medical insurance good enough to cover me in Canada if I need it in couple of months. I can stay there for couple of weeks on travelers insurance. But months will only increase my troubles. I am thinking I would probably email Consulate team with letter from my doctor and ask them if they would allow me in early. I emailed earlier this month to Vancouver Consulate and they said that if I bring Doctor's letter they will do everything to expedite my processing. I believe that Mumbai office should be able to help me as well in a similar way. Perhaps they will let me in early instead of waiting.
  2. gareebbhartiye

    Mumbai Visa Stamping office

    Hi folks, So this is a bit weird question. I have a condition which can cause me discomfort in temperatures above 70 F if I stay for long period. I am currently in states on h1b. I am planning to go to Mumbai in a month for Visa stamping. Is there anyonoe who recently gave interview there, in last 1 week? If so, can you please let me know if the building is fully air conditioned, including the waiting line. I remember giving the interview in Delhi in 2011, we had to stand outside in heat waiting to be allowed inside. I was okay at that time. But not now. how many campuses does US consulate have in mumbai? Thanks in advance for your time and input.