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    Re-enter US while H1B petition is pending

    Hi Lawanya, Did you get any response to your query ? I am also in the same situation.
  2. Hi All, I am currently on L2 with EAD work authorization which is expiring on May 31, 2019. My wife's company has already initiated the process for the renewal of our visas. We have received the I797 approval form from USCIS however we have to go to India to get the VISA Stamped on our passports. My company is filing H1B Cap petition as Change of Status (CoS) for me in this year's lottery. Following are my questions: 1) Can I travel with my wife to India after my H1B cap (CoS) petition is filed? If yes, how it will impact my petition? 2) If my wife travels alone and gets the VISA Stamped in her passport, can I get an extension on my current L2 Visa by being in US. If yes, how long will it take for me to get the extension after filing the application for myself? 3) If I am applying for the extension of my stay once my wife gets the visa stamped from India, can I apply for my renewal of my EAD along with the application for my current Visa extension? We are not able to decide on the travel and due to which the appointment dates have been pushed to almost last week of April. A quick answer will be highly appreciated!! I am also open for paying for the private consultation on my case. Thanks in Advance!!