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  1. No Sir ! I do not have a valid H1b stamp on my passport so I have to go for visa interview .
  2. Below is my case: 1) I was working for company A and my I140 was approved through it . 2) I switched to company B on 4 JAN 2019 based on my approved I140 , My 6 years on H1B has been completed . 3) Now I have recently got my I797 approved(H1B transfer) for company C and my joining date is 1 MAY 2019 . Question : I want to resign from my current company (referred to as B) and get released by 27 March 2019 and then travel to India for 1 month (come back by 27 April 2019). In India I ll be going for visa stamping for company C that I would not have yet joined and will not have pay stubs and employment verification letter from them (however I have a offer letter and approved I-797) . Will there be any issue ? Is this legal ?