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    Ds160 B2 denial 2nd time

    i have no links to no groups It does not matter my origin and where I come from as long as I have clean records they should not intimidate people asking that questions . we are answering those questions already on the application by no no no 214(b) refusal is a common refusal to stop people like us to enter their country even for a holiday or visiting relatives. This has been experienced by so many which will damage people’s genuine intentions and these things stays in the records for a very long time. Pathetic
  2. Ds160

    Ds160 B2 denial 2nd time

    My ESTA was not approved so applied for the above in 2015 was given 221(g) for additional information after interview: CO: why do you want to hon to USA? me: to go on a holiday. CO: what do you do? me: work as an admin assist. CO: Hiw do you spell the company name? me: spelt it wrong. CO: we can’t issue visa today. I provided the requested travel details and work and residences for last 10 years and after 1 1/2 years in 2017 March it was refused under 214(b). I was sent a letter and email. This was for a family holiday. I have all the ties work, residence and family. No immediate family but cousins lives there. then 2nd time I applied this February and had an interview last week to attend my relative wedding. But was denied after 2 interviews under 214(b). Co: similar questions but 2nd interview was whether I wasn’t connected to any Tamil group? then whether I send money why I travel to Lyn home country often my family and children details again where is the company I work for then told me to wait and the 1st interviewer called me and said thank you for your patience and we cannot give you visa today and was give Mj the sameness letter 214(b). i haven’t got a clue why i don’t have any criminal records have job have ties back home. only for he wedding I was planning to go. Not going to try anymore but just wondered how to clear my record for true reason the way they asked me question about linking me to Tamil group please advice DS160