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  1. Hello, My wife is on H4 visa, she holds valid EAD and works as a freelancer from home in the US. There are no employment documents like Pay Stubs, Offer Letter, W2, 1099 etc. The payment is made online based on hours worked per week. Taxes are paid under section Self Employment as there is no 1099 available. This is done as advised by Tax consultant. She is appearing for Visa Interview in June. Question: What should be selected in Occupation on DS 160? Also please advise what additional supporting documents are needed. Option 1: OTHER and enter our home address under employer address and average monthly income Option 2: NOT EMPLOYED and in the 'Explain' field will mention it as currently not employed because she will not be working while in India and if required will discontinue work with immediate effect if this is going to cause a problem during interview. Please advise. Thank you, Vivek
  2. Thank you everyone for spending time and sharing your thoughts. Provence > Understood the point that B2 visas doesn't require sponsorship. Will try to re-apply as self-sponsor and show ties to home country (India). In this scenario please advise if there is anything that you feel we should be taking care of. pontevecchio > Again, understood the point that B2 tourist visas doesn't require sponsorship. We did not get visa agent. Please recommend if we need to take one and get help to make case stronger. Noah Lott Sure. It’s absolutely clear to me now that B2 visa doesn't need sponsorship. Also, understood that income/rent from property doesn't make strong reason to show ties because funds can be very well managed electronically. Given the situation, is there any additional information that can be presented via DS 160 to establish my MIL's strong ties in home country/India? Honestly, she wants to visit US only for few months, see places, stay with us and return. She has 8 sibling, grandchildren and all relative in India. I don’t know how to provide this information via DS160 application. We are thinking of re-applying by showing below changes in circumstances. Based on your experience I would request you to suggest if this makes sense and/or if anything else needs to be taken care on the application. 1. Person Paying for the Trip: Self (in the last application/DS 160 we had mentioned it as other i.e. son-in-law) 2. Reduce intended length of stay in US to 8 weeks (in the last application/DS 160 we had mentioned it as 5 months) 3. Add Travel Companion - her another daughter (in the last application/DS 160 we had mentioned it as travelling alone) One last thing. I know we can reapply anytime, but do you recommend waiting for few weeks/months? Awaiting response, Thank you again. Best Regards, Vivek
  3. Hello, My mother-in-law attended B2 visa interview at Hyd consulate and it was denied with 214b. Application Details, Mother-in-law aged 68 (widow). Has 3 daughter - 2 in India, 1 in US (all are married) She is Homemaker, gets pension and income/rent from properties I (son-in-law) was shown as a sponsor (had sent I-134, bank statements, pay stubs, employer letter etc) I am on H1B working with IT company. I hold approved I-140. My wife is on H4. She works part ime on EAD as freelancer. VO asked for applicant (i.e mother-in-law's) passport and copy of my wife's passport at the beginning of the interview. Interview (hindi translator) VO: Is your daughter in the US? MIL: Yes VO: is she married? MIL: Yes. She is married VO: does she have children? MIL: Yes, 1 son. 8 years old VO: where does your daughter work? MIL: She works as a Freelancer from home. (also added son-in-law- works in ***IT company) VO: is their house own or rental? MIL: They stay in rental apartment VO: Do you have relatives in the US? MIL: Daughter, Son-law, grandson. Other than these I do not have anyone in the US. VO: Sorry mam, we cannot issue visa at this time. It was rejected with 214b. Question What could have gone wrong? What needs to be addressed while re-applying for next time? Should we apply as 'Self Sponsor'? Should we apply showing sponsored by another daughter in India? Can I reapply in next 2 months? Will there be any issue? Please advise. Thank you, Vivek