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  1. @H1_LCA_Time any update on this? Similar situation here.
  2. No. You won’t qualify for EB1 with the new company. They can file it in EB2 / EB2 category.
  3. EB1 only applies to two general categories: 1. If you were an executive manager for the company OUTSIDE the USA for atleast 1 year before you joined them in the USA 2. If you’re a person of national interest or exceptional capability (PhD etc) If you meet either criteria you should contact your company lawyers since they have to file the petition and they need to approve it.
  4. If I’m correct after he completes 7 years in the country he cannot go back on his H1B without taking a 1 year break even if there is any valid time left on the H1B (for example: he transferred to a H4 EAD in between for a few years). Folks can correct me if my understanding is incorrect here.
  5. Just to confirm that I’m understanding this correctly. If I switched from H1B to H4 EAD 4 years into my H1B, and now I’m past my 7 years I can switch back to my H1B to use my remaining 3 years? I thought one needs to leave the country try once 7 years are up in the countryunless there is an extension granted for a pending GC.