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  1. I hope it means, they just want to see him in person, no additional documents were asked.. and I hope it goes well for him..because they are not interested in me applying GC for them... they just want to visit once in a while .. see some places and go back.. fingers crossed. by the way thanks for the reply.
  2. Thank you for the reply... yes you are right, will know next week.. he is planning to go on Monday.. I hope it goes well ..
  3. One more thing I want to add is, previously they had visa for 10 years and they visited twice for less than three months.. my mother is still working , my father retired few years back
  4. Both of my parents applied together for visitors visa through drop box , my mother got visa for 10 years but my father got white 221g slip with a tick mark on appear for interview. What does that mean?Does anyone have any experience with this?