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    L1A for job in partnership

    Hi everyone, I work for a NY based partnership (LLP) company in London. I have been offered the chance to move the New York. Currently, my firm has only applied for L1B visa but I would like to move on the L1A visa. I have only worked for 2 years at my firm and earn approximately $200,000 per year. How can I justify my L1A visa? I understand that the visa officer will be interested in whether I have hire and fire power, reporters, etc. In an LLP, no individual has hire and fire power. It is determined by partnership agreement. Also, I do not have constant reportees. I supervise employees but they are fluid and change depending on the deal that I am working on. Any insight will be helpful. Also, any recommendations for visa consultants who have helped on cases like this. Thanks
  2. Hello, I am biglaw associate who was hired in California. Due to visa reasons, I moved to our office in Singapore for a year. My firm will now file a L1A application for me. My annual salary is $210,000. Since I am only a second year associate, will I face any issues obtaining an L1A visa? Thank you.