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  1. You cannot work for old employer after getting new visa as old visa is cancelled when new visa is issued.
  2. KK7878

    E3 Visa / LCA Expired

    You need valid visa to work. LCA validity does not allow you to work.
  3. Only Australian citizens can apply for E3 visa assuming they satisfy the visa requirements like education, etc. You friend will have to come through H1B route.
  4. KK7878

    E3 Visa Validity

    You can stay for 240 days similar to H1b as long as the visa renewal application was submitted before your current visa expiry. If visa expires and no extension is filed then 2 weeks roughly.
  5. KK7878

    E3 visa renewal

    Hi, I am in similar boat E3 visa (India born) and my employer's lawyer is saying I have to go to H1B and then start GC process. But I have heard of few people who have had E3 and got GC and done renewals as well. Can you please confirm that you were able to renew your E3 visa while your GC was in process? Also was your I140 approved when you went for E3 renewal. Thanks in advance.