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  1. H1B & I-94 expired in August 2018(Company A is holding my H1B and i am working with Client A) Company A applied for my H1B extension before my I-94 got expired in normal process (August 2018) I got receipt for extension and worked with Client A for 4 months i.e with Client 1 on receipt January 2019, i transferred my H1b to Company B and working with Client B (here i changed company i.e h1B transfer and different client) I was already on receipt with Company A for 4 months 2months with Company B So how long i can stay on receipt with Company B and working with Client B in USA 240 days rule will continue from company A or new 240 day rule starts with new company i.e Company B ? Company A withdrawn my Extension after i got receipt for transfer from Company B please give me answer