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  1. Hi, My Perm filing was delayed due to mistakes made by my employer's HR during recruitment process. My PERM application went into audited for missing information and my h1b (6yrs) expired after that. After the audit, PERM was rejected and the lawyers told then that they did not provide my employment dates correctly. Since, my PERM went into audit, I have been put on unpaid leave by my employer and I'm back in my home country. It's been 4 months and they have not confirmed alternate job options. Can I take any legal action against my employer for negligence and affecting my employment? Any suggestions/attorney recommendations would be helpful. Thanks.
  2. Maksimus

    PERM pending and H1B 6 years ending soon

    If you don't get audited, your company might be able to just squeeze in the extension by the time your visa expires. Also, it would help if you've recapture days. Specific to your questions: 1. Once your i140 is approved, h1b can be extended. 2. It's an extension so you can come back with a new stamp.