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  1. Hi, Can you let me know if the job title 'system analyst' in LCA and L2 wage level will pose a threat for h1b stamping in India? Are there anyone who got h1b stamping with the job title 'system analyst'?
  2. ahkey

    CPT to H1

    Hi,I was on CPT from Jan 15th, 2018 till I received my H1b approval (Feb 12th, 2019). So, I have some questions on this:1. Can I go for stamping in India without any issues because USCIS released a memo that anyone who accrued more than 180 days of illegal presence will be barred from US for 3 years. I have been hearing that being on CPT for more than 12 months is not permitted and I was on CPT for 13.5 months. So, can you please confirm if me being on CPT for more than 12 months would have made me accrue unlawful presence?2. Do you recommend going for stamping in this situation? If yes, do you recommend India or Canada for visa stamping?