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  1. Great! Congrats. Yeah. I got an email to submit passport on Monday and I submitted on Tuesday. Hope I will get it issued soon too. It's been hell of ride. Lol. Thanks for all the info and positivity every one. Wish you the best.
  2. Sometimes they only verify with client I think. In most of the threads I read, it took almost 40 days to get an update. I am hoping something will change in the coming week. Let's see.
  3. No. nothing has changed. how about you?
  4. I guess you just have to wait like me. Nothing we can do at this moment. But a good sign that client got the email. Case status is still same as interview date and no change. Let me know if anything changes on your side. Thanks.
  5. Perhaps vendor will get it tomorrow. My employer didn't get any verification yet. I understand there are cases where they only contact client/vendor and some cases hey verify with all the layers in your employment. Don't know how long this will take. Really, this is like killing one's life hopes without proper process.
  6. They will call/email to the one that is provided in the client/vendor letter. Mine had an email with the HR name and they reached out to them. My client got a call from USCIS and the vendor got an email from DOS. Still, my employer is not reached out yet. This is making me little worried if it will take longer.
  7. @xTDx As of now, my client and vendor have been contacted by the USCIS and DOS respectively last week and to confirm employment details with them. Seems they are doing fraud prevention check or so. No change on case last updated and status is still AP. @SK67 Email your client, vendor and employer and let them know to look out for any call or email from USCIS or DOS and let you know. Not sure if yours will be similar to my case. Either ways, I am hoping yours will be resolved soon too.
  8. My client got the call on last Wednesday. They usually call you and confirm that they have received your documents. But I didn't get any call. so I followed up couple of times to hyfpu and then I got a reply from hydcea confirming the receipt of documents. Looks like someone is working on your case. You can email them for confirmation with your passport number/case number. Is your case last updated date changed or is it the same as the interview date?
  9. My client received a call from USCIS confirming client letter and employment verification. HE said sounded like a routine call. But my employer and vendor haven't got anything yet. Also, the case last updated is still the interview date. It is really freaking me out if it is really going to take longer than expected as I have already extended my vacation.
  10. Thank you for the info. Yes. I coordinated with my employer, vendor and client and asked them to look out for an email or phone. So far, neither of them have received any sort of verification. My employer is a desi company but vendor is Prime vendor and client is purely an American company. Everything we have submitted is genuine and there is no chance of fraudulent information in between in my case as my employer has only been in business since past few years. How do I know/check the fraud petitions filed by my employer? Client doesn't provide remote access to work from home or for any other means rather to extend the stay.
  11. Hi! I had my visa interview on Feb 22 at Hyderabad consulate. It was few basic questions: How did you find this job? Salary - replied as per LCA Have you done masters? - I replied Yes (since this is my first H1 stamping from F1) Where did you do? Is this your first time for visa? - I replied Yes, I am coming for H1 stamping for the first time. Then the VO asked for my I-797 original and took a photocopy and then took my passport. Returned back my I-797 original and retained passport with the photocopy. Said my application needs additional processing and may contact if additional documents needed and gave me 221G with 2nd box checked. No documents asked. I received my passport on 02/27 with a stamp on my F1 visa that says "Cancelled with Prejudice" which is fine because now I am on h1 status with same 221G slip included in the passport with 2nd box checked. Mine is EVC model. Then I got a call from the consulate on 03/05 and asked few questions on client, vendor and employment and told me to email client letter, vendor letter, lca to hydfpu@state.gov. I emailed the next day along with VOE provided by client and got confirmation email from hydcea@state.gov. Since then there is no update. My status shows case last updated as 02/22 in AP. Anyone knows how long it will take? I am kinda stressed and worried. Any info would be great. Thanks.