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  1. visitorvisaapplicant

    B1/B2 visa has been denied twice. Applying for the third time.

    What is material change in circumstances?
  2. visitorvisaapplicant

    B1/B2 visa has been denied twice. Applying for the third time.

    Annual income increased since both of them are doctors with variable annual incomes. No, they don't plan to rent the new home. They are going to move in there. I went to the US on an F-1 visa in 2016 and graduated in Dec 2018. My graduation walk is in May 2019 for which I want to invite my parents. Thanks.
  3. visitorvisaapplicant

    B1/B2 visa has been denied twice. Applying for the third time.

    Thank you all for your replies. Does buying a new home in India and increase in annual income point towards a change in circumstances?
  4. Hello, My parents visa application has been denied twice. First time, they went along with my grandmother and brother. This interview was in October 2017. This is how their interview went. VO: Why are you going to the US? Parents: To visit my sister. VO: Who is there in your sister's family and what do they do? Parents: Sister lives with her husband. Husband works in IXXXX. (Father forgot where sister works!) VO: What do you do? Parents: Both of us are doctors. VO: What is your qualification? Parents: BAMS VO: What is that? Parents: Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery VO to my brother: What do you study? Brother: Computer Engineering VO: Who else is in the family? Parents: Mother's parents and their age VO: I'm sorry, your visa cannot be approved. They applied second time in April 2018. This time only my parents went for the interview. VO: I see you had applied recently and your application was denied. Was there any change in circumstances? Parents: What do you mean by change in circumstances? VO: Your visa is denied. My parents tried explaining that they are going to visit US for a short time since my grandmother and brother are in India and that they cannot keep their clinics closed for a long time, but the VO did not listen. They filed these applications through a travel agency. Since both of them are doctors, they don't have a fixed monthly income. Hence. on the DS-160 form, they had mentioned their monthly income as N/A. Also, they had mentioned that they are self sponsoring. This time, I helped them in filing the DS-160 form and have mentioned an average monthly income based on their yearly earnings and tax returns. I will be sponsoring their trip and have provided them with I-134 and other supporting documents (bank statements etc.). Their interview is in March 2019. My graduation is in May 2019 and would like my parents to be here. I would appreciate any suggestions in order to increase their chances of getting a visa. What should they mention if asked regarding change of circumstances? They recently purchased a new home in India. Does it count towards change in circumstances? Also, is it OK to admit that there were some mistakes in the previous applications and that they have been corrected now (along with proof)?