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  1. Thank you for responding to the question. This is great news, there were a lot of conflicting articles and I was confused about my path forward. The reason behind my 2nd question was because I did not want an in-progress I485 to affect my future GC. My PD is 2014 September. Thanks again for your thoughts/suggestions.
  2. Greetings All, I have a question about switching employers with I140 and I485 in processing status. I would appreciate any and all advice/suggestions. My current situation - I140 is currently progressing (and my company's immigration lawyer anticipates that we should get the result within a week or two) and my company is moving forward with I485 preparation. However, I have received a couple of interesting opportunities to move to a bigger company and advance my career. Upon doing a lot of research, I understand that switching employers with I140 being approved for less than 6 months could potentially lead to the employer revoking the I140 application. However, I am not 100% sure of the consequence of switching employers with I485 filed for less than 6 months. Does switching employers with I485 in filed status for less than 6 months cause issues with future GC applications? Would it be better for me to ask my employer to not proceed with the I485 application if I plan on pursuing the new opportunity? I would really appreciate any and all advice. Thank You.