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  1. Hi Chandu, I am in the same situation as well. I went to interview on Feb 6 and I am working in EC model but I don't have client letter and I explained the VO and that my client does not provide letters and provided SOW. It's been 3 weeks and no update yet. Keep me posted if anything changes.
  2. Bluerain

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    Appeared for interview on feb 6. I went to US in h4 status and did a COS to h1 and this is my first h1 stamping since I left India. I am working in EC model in a big company.VO asked for end client letter I told her as per the policy my client does not provide letters. She took i797,w2s, SOW and gave a yellow note and told me to wait. I think she scanned the documents. After that she gave a blue slip with a case number and told to track my case online. No additional documents were requested. It’s 3 weeks now and I am still waiting.Also my husband who is in 7th year on his H1 submitted documents using Dropbox and he was asked to appear for interview on 12 feb, In the interview they asked for client letter and same was provided,He also got same blue slip not sure why he got blue slip since in March 2018 he appeared for interview,and got visa stamped,there is no change in employment or client or anything else...we both work in same American MNC. Anyone in same situation.