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  1. shravan12

    F2 Visa Rejected

    No refusals before, this is the first time ever she appeared for a visa interview
  2. shravan12

    F2 Visa Rejected

    I have entered the US in Jan 2017 on F1 visa, graduated and currently working on OPT.
  3. shravan12

    F2 Visa Rejected

    May 20th I have graduated and from then was trying to get a job and started working from Sept 4th. (This was within 90 days period after graduation and OPT)
  4. shravan12

    F2 Visa Rejected

    I went to George Mason University, Fairfax Virginia. Graduated in May 2018 and started working from Sep 2018
  5. shravan12

    F2 Visa Rejected

    Hello, I am currently on F1 in my initial OPT (valid until June 2019). Got married recently and wanted to take my wife along with me. Applied for F2 visa for her and got rejected in Hyderabad embassy yesterday quoting 214 b. Just two questions were asked, when was I graduated and am I on OPT now, and said cannot issue visa at this time. Could you please suggest on what went wrong and what to do now. Thanks in advance!