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  1. KanishQ

    Tourist Visa Application while H1b in progress

    when I have a permanent job outside USA, i dont understand why it is difficult to believe that I wont return?
  2. KanishQ

    Tourist Visa Application while H1b in progress

    I don't understand, if my H1 got denied, what's wrong in applying for a tourist visa. If my husband stays there why is it difficult to believe that I can go to USA to visit him. I am confused now why is it not possible to get a B2. And I wanted to understand and inquire about the B1 which I guess I have to think more based on your replies.
  3. KanishQ

    Tourist Visa Application while H1b in progress

    Thanks Noah and Provence. Why I mentioned urgency is because I was staying in US with my husband but need to leave the country as my h1 - extension had no response even after 240days. Recently the response came as denial. My company has reapplied h1-B for me as I was working for US client. I was looking for B1/B2 visitor visa which will help me to attend the client meetings as well as I can bring my important belongings from my home in US. So, it should be fine right if I apply for B1/B2 Visa to serve my purpose?
  4. Hi - I have applied for HNSC (H1B - Non Subject To CAP) and the application is pending with my Company for review before it gets submitted to USCIS. This application is submitted in Regular Mode, so I believe it will take many months to know the response from USCIS. Therefore, due to some urgency to travel to USA, I was thinking to apply Tourist Visa also as that will be quick. My question is, will I be able to start Tourist Visa processing meanwhile when the H1B application is still in progress? Basically two applications will be submitted with USCIS - one will be my Tourist Visa and another will be HNSC. Will there be a problem? Will USCIS reject if there are two applications?