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    H1B Amendments

    I have a H1B extention approved till May 2021 and also have an I140 approved from my employer 'E1' working for End Client 'C1' . I originally arrived USA on L2 visa and later got COS to convert to H1B . I do not have H1B visa stamped on my passport but have I1797 with a valid I94 expiring MAy 2021. . My current project for Client 'C1' ended recently and I am looking for other Client projects still employed with employer 'E1' in USA . I also recently got Canada PR approved and have to land before May 1st 2019 but I do not plan tp start living in Canada for another couple of years. Questions : 1) If I travel now to Canada by land border, can I use Automatic re-validation rule to cross to Canada , do the landing and come back to USA ? My concern is that I do not have an end Client project currently (which was the basis of H1B approval) . 2) If for some reason I get stuck up in Canada and cannot come back , and my employer plans to revoke my H1B and I140 , can I come back to USA again future on H1B and be Cap exempt or would need to apply a fresh H1B going through lottery . Also what would happen to my I140 ?