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  1. Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out whether I should write my case number on the copies of my DS-2019s and passport or not. On the instructions page of the DS-3035 it is stated to "Check that the exchange visitor's case number and country/region of last residence is written on any documentation submitted, as well as on the outside envelope of ALL future correspondence with the Waiver Review office.". This made sense in the past, as I read how the process worked in the past, namely I would have sent the DS-3035 and they would reply to me with new instructions, with a case number and would ask me to send specific documentation. Now, after completing the online form they automatically generate the DS-3035 for you, along with a case number and ask you for copies of all the DS-2019 documents as well as passport in the first place. All the automatically generated documents have the case number and country of residence on them, but the copies of the DS-2019s and passport obviously don't. So my question is: Should I write my case number and country of residence on the copies of the DS-2019s and passport? Or not? Are these considered "future correspondence"? If the answer is "yes", should I write this information on the back of these documents or on the front? I'm asking because on the instructions it is also stated: "PLEASE DO NOT STAPLE ANY DOCUMENTS PLEASE AVOID TWO-SIDED DOCUMENTS AND ONLY USE 8 1/2" X 11" PAPER" (So it says to avoid two-sided documents, so I assume there should be nothing on the back of the documents. But if I would have to write on the front.. were exactly should I write?). I might be overthinking it but I can't find any advice on the web on this issue and any help will be greatly appreciated! :) Thank you