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  1. You can choose to work or not work while your H4 COS is pending with USCIS. But once it’s approved you have to stop working . The safer side is to apply for H4 COS now and then resign the job once you get the H4 receipt notice which will hardly take 2 weeks . Get all the documents from your previous employer once you resign the job. USCIS might ask you to submit documents later . It happened for me.
  2. Hi , I was on H1B till Jan 2020 and due to personal reasons I had to resign my job and then I applied for H1B to H4 COS . After a month in Feb 2020 with my husband’s I-140 I applied for H4 EAD. The H4 EAD got approved in April 2020 and I have the card with me which is valid till 2022. But the H4 COS petition went to RFE and we have responded back . Now I have a job offer from one of a reputed company asking me to join in 2 weeks . Can I accept the job ? Is it legal and valid ? Or should I wait for the H4 COS also to get approved and then join the company ? kindly advise . Thanks
  3. Umanandy

    H4 EAD and H4 COS

    Hi , I applied for H1B to H4 COS and H4-EAD in January ,2020 . On April 8th my EAD is approved and I received the card also whereas H4 COS case is showing “Fingerprint review completed. so now with my approved EAD can I start working thought my H4 is in progress ? Or should I wait for the H4 to be approved .
  4. Umanandy

    H1 -> H4 + H4EAD

    Hi Indhu12, I'm also in a similiar situation like yours. My employer is doing lay off at the company and my last date of employment is Jan10th. And my current H1b visa maxes out in May 2020. I'm planning to apply for H4 and just wondering if I can apply H4 COS from her in US and stay legally until it gets approved. Some of my friends said that I need to be working in h1B until atleast I get H4 receipt notice. Do you have any info on that ? I also heard about 60 days unemployment period for H1b. So can i use this to stay in US and get my H4 receipt assuming that i will get it soon. Kindly note I havent applied for H4 COS yet. Thanks!
  5. Umanandy

    Change of status from H1B to H4 while in US

    Thank you replying. Still have few questions, 1. I'm not in a position to continue working until I get H4 receipt as I'm released from project and I will not get any new assignments also. My company want me to travel to India immediately. So is there any way I can quit before I get the H4 receipt? 2. Also if I resign , I heard there will be 60 days unemployment period for H1B so can i wait till 60 days to get my H4 receipt number.? 3. How long will it take to get the H4 COS receipt number ?
  6. any update on this case ? A similar situation for my husband at Chennai consulate .
  7. Hi , I’m currently on H1B visa Since 2014 and it is valid till April 2020. I don’t have any approved I-140 so cannot apply any more extensions . My husband is also in H1B and he has an approved i-140. So I’m planning to convert to H4 now . I’m not in a situation to travel to India . What are my options ? 1. If I resign my job , will my H1B be revoked since they are my sponsors? Will I-94 expiry date also change ? 2. Am I allowed to stay in US While COS - until my H4 is approved ? Or do I have to travel back to India since I will not have a valid visa status ? 3. Can I go to Mexico or Canada to get my H4 stamped just by filling DS140 like we do in India? 4. How long does it take to get the H4 approved ? Really appreciate your reply. Thanks