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  1. Dula

    OPT (F1) to F2

    Thank you all for the answer. But just in case I think she will take one semester as F1 while wait for COS. Which I am amusing it is possible?
  2. Dula

    OPT (F1) to F2

    Is this true? My school DSO advisor said that she will be out of status since she can wait up to 12 months.
  3. Dula

    OPT (F1) to F2

    Hi, My Wife is currently on OPT (she finished Associate Degree), we were planning for her to go to F2 (since I am F1 currently on steam OPT) but our DSO said it might take up to 12 months and in that waiting period she will be out of status (not sure if this is true). Her OPT is ending this June 2019. It looks like our best solution is for her to stay on F1. (We do not want to leave country and come back.) Now my question is, can she do another Associate Degree as F1 or she needs to do Bachelor Degree? Also, if she apply for F2, can she still have F1 just in case change of status takes longer then expected? Thank you very much for your reply. Regards.