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  1. Hello, Below is my situation. - I have H1B approved in Jan-2013 and I came to US in May-2013 with Employer-A and I am with same employer till now. - Employer-A has filed for GC and I got my I-140 approved sometime in 2015. - Employer-A has been extending my H1B. I got my last extension in Apr-2018 and got an extension till Mar-2021. - Please note that my last extension is beyond my 6th year and I got a 3 year extension because of my approved I-140. - Now, I am planning to change to Employer-B. - Obviously, Employer-B has to apply for my H1B transfer. My questions are as below. - In 2019, my H1B 6 years will be completed. - Now, when my new Employer-B apply for H1B transfer, is there any risk because I have already completed 6 years of my H1B? - Will USCIS still consider my approved I-140 from previous Employer-A and give extension for 3 years? - Are there any risks because my I-140 is from previous Employer-A? Thanks in Advance.