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  1. 7 hours ago, gopalakrishnach said:

    I am not sure and I am not an expert but you having multiple types of visas might be issue. I am not saying it is wrong but may be they want to do background check .. I feel you will get it....


    Came to India for a family function and now struck at hotel..and kids missing school...every day is hard to pass by.

  2. I went for L1 extension stamping in chennai consulate and was given 221g - (blue, passport retained, no doc asked).

    Not clear what would have triggered 221g.


    I had my first H1 in 2001 (which i barely used - went to US and project got dropped so returned back immediately). Later in 2005 went on H1 with a consulting company, on payroll since day 1,  after 6 months, came to India for marriage for two weeks and when i went back, project got closed, and was without pay for 2 weeks and got a new H1 (direct employment). worked with that company for 5 years. I had a renewal and stamping as well. never got 221g.

    came back to india, worked in India for 6 years. in those 6 years,Got a B1, went to US several times - all for 2~3 weeks or so. I later got L1 and got stamping done. no issues at all. Now when i came in for extension, VO didnt ask for any docs and gave 221g. 

    Not sure what triggered this. the 2 week without pay in 2005 would have caused this ? any one had similar experience ?

  3. On 1/12/2018 at 12:43 AM, Naveen v said:

    Hello Bash123,

    No updates whatsoever. Emailing support-india@ustraveldocs seems to be useless as they don't really look at the specific case and respond based on a standard template.

    Even I am anxious. The suggested timeline for  their response is 60 days in "most" cases from the time of start of admin. processing. I am not sure if Saturday/Sunday counts in those 60 days. In my case, the processing started from Nov 28. I am sure it must have been about 30 days now without counting weekends. I hope they stick to their guideline and respond at least within the next 30 odd days (it's still horribly late, but that's better than the present situation). I have heard stories where it has taken months together and all I could pray is that none of us have to go through such phase :(




    did you get any update ? did the officer retained your passport ? or did he/she hand it back to you after the interview ?

    My case is more or less similar :

    I had H1 and left the country in 2010 and started working in India. between 2013 and 2015, i visited US on B1 for couple of weeks (4 trips).

    I went to US on L1 in 2016 and also got an extension from 2018 to 2020. I submitted my docs in dropbox on 1st Feb. after three days, received 221g asking me to appear for interview. During chennai interview, i felt like the VO thinks, I have used more than 7 yrs of stay (H1 + L1 combined - even though i was out country and working in india between 2010 and 2016). i tried to explain, but VO insisted, she needs to go through the papers, and and retained my passport.  i mentioned about my daughter school and my travel plans, she said, she is not sure, how many levels she has to discuss to take a decision but will do as ASAP. i thanked her and left :(

    staying in hotel, kids skipping school..is all making my day worse .. let me know how your case went .