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  1. Peravelli

    H1B Visa stamp issued 221G Chennai- DUI

    Hi ,I got a 221g blue slip again on Feb 21st to submit my passport and I submitted my passport on 22nd Feb. 1st update -4th March 2nd update -5 th March Visa approved 6th March received my passport .
  2. Hi did you get any update ?? I am also waiting on 221g for dui.
  3. I was suspected for Dui on Oct 2017, and was convicted for Careless Driving on Jan 2018, and paid all the fines and have completed the one year probation period. Came to India, Chennai for stamping and attended Interview on Feb 7th 2019. I did not carry any court documents initially and the VO asked me if I was convicted in dui or had any arrest I said yes. VO asked me for court and police records i said i do not have them. VO then issued me a 221G letter to submit police and court records and also asked me to take medical panel examination, I have taken the medical examination same day and got the reports submitted on Feb 11th and submitted my court and police records after getting from my lawyer on Feb 12. I am not sure if had selected yes or no on ds160 for the question if "I had any arrest or conviction". Can you please help me understand if is there anything else I need to do or is there any risk in getting my Visa stamped?