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  1. Rahul1727

    VISA renewal parents

    Hello Sunny, Yes, they are eligible for drop box visa renewal.
  2. Rahul1727

    H1-B amendment - received a NOID

    Hello Rohit, I am also in the same situation could you please ping me you email. Thanks
  3. Rahul1727

    Where do you intent to work in DS160 last page ?

    DS160 Temporary work visa inforamtion this would be the last page after security and background page
  4. Hello All, I am on EVC model working at client site. what should i mention in place Where do you intent to work ? Thanks In advance
  5. Rahul1727

    Received NOIR, Need help on next steps

    what dose the NOIR says ?
  6. Rahul1727

    NOIR on new H1b visa

    Marzan, what was the reason for getting NOIR ??