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  1. Thank you all for the responses. I got another 221g to submit passports on February 14th and I submitted on the same day at Hyderabad VFS center. Now I am in waiting mode for the passports to arrive. It is very painful and no way to find out when it will come through
  2. Had a pending DUI case in the court and had to leave country because of family emergency. Requested court motion date to reschedule and got it done with the help of attorney. However my H1B visa stamping got revoked. This I came to know when I was trying to board flight in India returning to US. I was denied boarding. Then I wrote to embassy/ consulate to know what happened. They responded saying my visa got revoked and I need to reappear for consulate Interview. I appeared for in-person interview along with my wife (H4) in Chennai on January 31, 2019. Visa Officer issued a 221(g) blue for to submit all arrest and court documents along with Medical panel exam in Apollo. I completed medical panel exam in Apollo. On the same day (Febraury 1, 2019) I submitted all the tickets issued by police along with court motion documents filed by my DUI attorney. On Februrary 12, they returned the same 221(g) with no explanation. The status on their site still shows admin processing but the last updated date is February 12. May I know what are the next possible steps and what are the chances of getting approval.