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  1. sushmas193@gmail.com

    H1b transfer from two employers

    hi, I have a situation, I would be grateful if somebody helps me out. I have two job offers from employers A and B. I am interested in B, but I am not sure if visa gets approved with B. Can I apply H1b transfer for A and B, and join the employer for which visa gets approved ? Meanwhile A wants me to join on receipt, as its a normal process, can I start working for A ? and wait for B to transfer. Once I get approval for B (B will be going for premium process), can I resign from A, (while A's approval is still pending). Will it cause any issues ? Please advice.
  2. sushmas193@gmail.com

    Urgent : H4 stamping without h4 i797a

    thank u for the reply. So I can go ahead with dropbox stamping for h4, without I797. Just asking again, since i forgot to mention we are eligible for dropbox. Waiting for your response. Thanks again.
  3. sushmas193@gmail.com

    H4 I797A for dropbox

    hi, I have almost the same issue. I am on h4. We have got h1 and h4 visa renewed till 2021. we are currently in USA. we have got h1 I797 approval notice. For h4, the case says approved, but i have not received I797A for h4, because of address change, We are travelling to India for stamping in two weeks. So getting a duplicate I797 also takes time . My question is, can i go for visa stamping (Eligilble for drop box), without h4 I797A, with just having only valid H1 I797A. Will there be any issues. Any help, would be greatly appreciated.
  4. sushmas193@gmail.com

    Urgent : H4 stamping without h4 i797a

    Hi, I am in USA currently. We are going to India in March for vacation. We had recently renewed h1b and h4. My husband has i797A. But because of the the address change, my(h4) i797a is misplaced. Now we have scheduled for stamping and we are eligible for visa waiver. Can I go ahead for stamping without i797a ? With just having primary applicant (h1) i797a. Or will I have issues in stamping ? Without h4 approval notice ? Please help with your valuable suggestions.