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  1. Hi, I have a question on Amendment and Visa transfer in Parallel. Currently I am working with Employer-A and filed amendment due to client and location change and amendment is currently in process state (got RFE and submitted the documents). Assume that If I got another offer from Employer-B and they are ready to transfer my visa. My questions are. 1) Is it legal to go for a visa transfer with Employer-B while amendment with Employer-A is in progress 2) If YES to Option-1, then if any case transfer petition is denied(assume that , transfer applied in Premium processing mode and not joined with Employer-B yet) then can I continue to work with Employer-A .. Please share your valuable thoughts or suggestions.
  2. mrnani

    H1-B Amendment

    Hello, Thank you for your updates and suggestions. I have one more question/doubt, If in case my current employer is not submit the documents<RFE> with in the given time line by USCIS, will my status would be legal and I can stay for 60days by resigning/quitting from the current employer.
  3. mrnani

    H1-B Amendment

    Hello, I am currently working for Employer A (Came on deputation from INDIA) full time and got my H1 Approved from Location A (Valid till Dec 2020 with a valid I94). I relocated to location B and Amendment has been filed. I have received an RFE and the response yet to submit (has not been submitted) (Asked for detailed Job description). My questions are.. If USCIS is denied the Amendment then how may days can I stay in US? If USCIS is denied the Amendment then am I eligible for VISA transfer to another employer? Could you please provide your valuable suggestions.