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  1. SRK2019

    Point of Contact in US for H4 in DS 160

    Thank you for your response!
  2. Hi I submitted DS 160 for H4 - myself and 2 kids and booked the appointment. However i noticed now that i entered my husbands employer name and relation as"US Petitioner" under US point of contact. Where ideally it should be contact info of my husband.? Should i go back retrieve the DS 160 and make this change? I understand i will then have a new DS 160 application number which also has to be updated at cgi website which was used to pay fees and book appointment. I will be able to change mine but not the kids under update profile. Should i still go ahead and make this change? Thanks much!
  3. SRK2019

    H4 RFE

    Hi My husband and i moved to US in 2016 Feb on L1 and L2 visa. On April 5th 2018 my husbands H1 and my H4 was applied by new prospective employer. His H1 was approved in December and he joined as a full time employee on Jan 26 My H4 however hasn't been approved yet and we received RFE over the weekend asking for evidence to establish that i was in a valid nonimmigrant status at the time my H4 application was filed. I had travelled to india for 2 weeks (April 5th to 21st 2018). The petitions were filed on 6th April. The Corporate attorneys are now advising me and children travel to India and apply for H-4 visas as soon as practical. As they say due to my travel after the H4 petition was filed my H4 will be rejected. The deadline to respond to RFE is 18th Feb. The earliest available visa appointment in India is only 5th March. I cant pull kids out of school for too long. Can i travel closer to the appointment or should i leave before 18th Feb? Thanks for your help in advance!