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  1. I have downloaded the latest edition of Form I539 and in that Page 1- above Item # 11, 12,14a and 14b, it is mentioned as "Provide details about your recent entry Into the United States". Question- When i entered last time to US, i was having my old passport. Here I gave my I94 number for Item 11, but for item 12,14a and 14b - Should i give my old passport details which was used while entering States and which will be used to retrieve my online I94 in the CBS website? and give the current passport information in Page 2-Part 4? or Should i give my new passport details and and leave the current passport information in Page 2-Part 4 as blank? i-539.pdf
  2. I'm also in the same situation. Is it possible for anyone to tell how many months it would take the COS to get approved now?
  3. Thank you for the reply. How many months is the current processing time for H1B to F2 COS now?
  4. His college is a good state university. So i can apply again from India to get same F2 Visa right? Can you please tell me current processing time for H1B to F2?
  5. Hello Team, I have applied for F2 COS (based on my husband's F1 OPT Visa) before 2 months of my H1B visa max out date. I know that when my COS is pending, if we travel outside country,our application will be denied or abandoned. But is it possible for me to apply again for F2 visa stamping in India and go for stamping at consulate? - What are the possibility for me to get F2 in India and reenter US in F2 Visa? Does my H1B visa pending months would have any impact because of my travel outside country during COS?