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  1. Hi everyone, Thank you so much for the information in advance. I got H1B for 3 years in 2016 valid till Sep-2019. Started working in US from Feb 2017 for Company A, and in 2018-Jan switched to company B on receipt number. Company B transfer got denied in Sep-2018 and also company A withdrawn around in March-2018. So came to India and working for the same company B from offshore. Now company B is filing H1B cap Exempt, so if i got approval notice do i need to go for stamping or is it just drop box process?
  2. Hi everyone, Got H1B in 2017 , and started working in USA with i-94 dated as valid till Sep-2019.Later company B filled a transfer but got denied so back to india in sep-2018. Now I am in India, company C Willing to file a petition, so am I need to go for Visa stamping if I got 797B approval before sep-2019. Or I can fly back to US without stamping as having valid i-94 till sep-2019. Thanks in for you feedback.
  3. Thanks guys for the prompt reply..I appreciate your efforts.
  4. I got H1B from employer A on Feb-2017 and worked with A till Jan 2018 .. On Jan 2018 employer B filed a petition for transfer so started working for them on receipt number. Unfortunately transfer got denied on sep-2018, by the time employer A also withdrawn their petition, so I came back to India ..as I was not holding valid approved petition. So now can I look for any new employer for file just a new petition ? Or should I have to go through all the process like Lottery ? Thanks for the suggestions in adavance!
  5. Around in Sep-2018,heard that there is no RFE's for H1B, either application should be approved or rejected as per the documentation. Is this really applied?
  6. MRRP

    H1B Denied with valid i-94

    Thanks for the quick reply..
  7. I have H1B , but transfer got denied so now I do not have any valid petition, one employer ready to file but heard that premium processing resumed.so no can I ask my employer to file it under premium.
  8. Need Advice on below, thanks in advance. From Company A, I got H1B approval till Sep-2019, so i went to USA in 2017 and started working there. In 2018 Company B initiated my H1B transfer in Regular process. I started working for company B immediately as i received receipt number, meanwhile around in march -2018 Company A withdrawn my H1B and around in Sep 2018 company B transfer got denied. So within 20 days i returned to my home country. My query is- as i am having H1B valid stamping till Sep-2019 on my passport, If Employer B/C file a new petition can i go back to USA with receipt number while process is in progress ? ( even before it get approved ).