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  1. Vik_singh

    221g Green Slip Toronto - No document asked

    Thanks that could be the chance because I got my petition approval on Jan-14 only , and it was approved on Jan-2-2019.
  2. Vik_singh

    221g Green Slip Toronto - No document asked

    I was in USA from 2011 on h1b and never change my employer, done my bachelors in computer science and having 10 years of experience with technical manager position. Petition approved on Jan-2 and received approval notice on Jan-14. VO - Hi Me- Good morning VO - Please pass the passport and H1b approval notice Me - Gave mine(recent one with last visa was stamped) and wife passport with approved H1b approval petition VO - This is for renewal Me - Yes VO - Your kid is USA citizen and how old is she Me - Yes, 34 month old. VO - Do you have enter USA illegally in past Me - No VO - Do you face any challenges while entering USA on borders Me - No VO - How long are you with your employer Me - 10 years VO - do you sit at client location what is client name Me - yes, gave the same address as per my petition VO - Is your i140 approved, Me - Yes , told that copy is with employer not carrying with me right now it was approved in 2016 VO - Is your green card in Process Me - yes VO- What is your salary Me - 100k + VO - What is my education Me - Bachelors of Engineering - Computer Science VO - Ask my wife about education My Wife - Bachelors of Engineering in computer science VO- Gave me green color 221g as attached also took my original copy of petition and ask me to wait to hear from them. Me - Took the passport and returned home.
  3. Vik_singh

    221g Green Slip Toronto - No document asked

    Thanks, my profile is clean actually during interview i missed to carry the copy of i140 but did mentioned the A number in DS-160, He didnt ask me for any document just asked is your I140 approved I said yes.
  4. Vik_singh

    221g Green Slip Toronto - No document asked

    Actually they asked me questions on my Green card i140 approvals and I said yes, Visa officer asked questions on my salary how long I am with my current employer and at last took my i797 and gave me the Green color paper with no documents required asked about me and my wife's qualifications about my Salary so I told them current salary what I was getting in close to what i had in Ds-160
  5. I went for H1B- VISA interview at Toronto, Canada. Visa Officer didn't asked for any documents from me like client letter or company letter except approved i797 after giving all the answer he took my petition and returned the passport with green color slip by selecting an option where it says that your VISA application need additional admin processing and their is no action required from your side. Now I am in confusion what will happen next and how long will it take?