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  1. GC for parents

    Health insurance for green card parents in Georgia

    Thank you Provence. The intent was not to be not upfront with the facts but to remove any unnecessary information that is not relevant to the issue on hand.
  2. GC for parents

    Birth certificate for parents' green card

    Thank you Pontevecchio. Wouldnt the name of the grandparents in the passport and that on the birth certificate need to match for the parents GC to be processed.
  3. Hello Both my parents have birth certificates but the names of their parents (parent's parents) are different on the birth certificate than that in the passport due to the indian suffixes. In India it is customary to add 'das' 'bhai' 'kumar' etc to the father's names. My parents' parents are deceased. What type of affidavit or certificate would be required to prove that 1. NAMEbhai and 2. NAMEkumar are the names for the same persons for my parents parents. thank you
  4. Hello What are the options to obtain insurance for parents who are new green card holders in GA. The parents would not have worked in US to qualify for medicare or qualify for medcaid. Any suggestions for affordable insurance options since the marketplace seems really expensive. Thank you
  5. GC for parents

    GC for parents

    Hello I have a couple of questions as it relates to applying for green card for parents 1. Is it better to apply for the GC for parents while they are in India or when they arrive in the US. 2. If we apply for them while they are in India, will they be able to travel to US on visitor visa (they currently hold B1/B2 visa), or does the application for green card cancel the visitor visa. Thank you