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  1. pankaj85

    Visa Stamping while H1b amendment is pending

    Hi Sankart, Could you please help me with below question. My H1B Amendment in progress but i do have i797 approved with my previous client and location. I have to visit India and need to go for stamping. So Which receipt number I suppose to mention in DS 160 and Visa Stamping Stanley form? H1B Amendment receipt number or receipt number from previous approved i797? FYi .... My company asked me to mention new receipt number in DS160 and visa appointment form but also in visa appointment form start date and experience date company ask me to mention from previous approved petition. This is making me confused. Appreciate your help.
  2. Hi, Can someone please help me here? My H1B Amendment is in progress for location and client change but I also do have i797 approved with previous client /work location. Because of some unavoidable scenarios I do have to travel India and also need to attain visa interview for H1B stamping. Can someone please let me know which receipt number do I have to mentioned in DS160 and in Visa appointment Stanley form ? (H1B Amendment receipt number or number from previous approved petition)? FYI ... My company suggested me to mentioned new H1B Amendment receipt number in DS160 and also in Visa appointment Stanley form. Also start date and end date should be from previous approved petition (in visa appointment Stanley form). Thanks in Advance.